DVD Slim Case Inserts

DVD Slim Case Inserts
Inkjet Photo Gloss, High Resolution Matte (best on inkjets) and Standard Matte (best on lasers)

Print Your Own CD DVD Case Inserts with Matte or Glossy Sheets

You can design and print your own CD Jewel case or DVD case cover inserts now. You can find a lot of DVD cover art on the internet.  This makes it easy to replace DVD covers from your video collection.  You can also design and print  your own DVD Inserts and CD Jewel Case Inserts.  Most cover inserts will work with pretty much any inkjet printer or laser printer to print directly onto the DVD Case cover inserts. Then you just separate the sheets on the perforations and the case cover inserts are specially perforated to detach and fit into the  CD Jewel cases, standard 14mm DVD or Slim 7mm DVD storage cases .  We have a wide variety of templates that will help you make CD inserts and DVD Inserts, including templates for CD jewel case inserts, Slim CD inserts, DVD standard and DVD slim cases.
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